Board Game Mahjong For Quality Time

Board games are a fun way to spend time together with your family or friends. Your children and you will bond when playing board games together. You will be teaching your children math, reading, communication and caring about each other. Many people are rushed in this day and age and playing games together lets you enjoy something fun together. Plus, with the economy you can play games over and over at home for free once you purchase the game.

Instead of your children playing electronic hand held games or game systems in their bedroom or the family room alone as you are glued to the television set; get out a game such as the board game Mahjong.

Games are a great way to get together with friends. Serve a few snacks and drinks and bring out a game and you are good to go for the rest of the evening. Great conversation and laughter happens while playing a board game.

The board game Mahjong is a strategic game that is a Chinese tile game. If you have ever heard the clatter of sparrows, you will recognize the noise with the Mahjong tiles. There are eighty one combinations that can be acquired in the board game Mahjong.

Even tournaments are held on this board game. You and your family or friends can hold your own Mahjong tournament. Set your house up with a few decorations as if you are in Japan or China. Design a drink menu and food menu that depicts the cultures of Japan or China. Include a delicious dessert before you start to play the board game Mahjong.

Once everyone is fed and relaxed, it is time for your tournament to begin. It might be fun at the end of the night to give the winner or winners a little prize. Make sure the prize fits with your Chinese or Japanese party theme.

Once you and your family and/or friends fall in love with the board game Mahjong, you may want to purchase the travel size game. If you go on long driving trips with your family, the game is perfect. Before you know it, you will arrive at your destination without your kids asking over and over “Are we there yet?”

If you go on relaxing vacations such as a secluded cabin, camping in the great outdoors or even a hotel, you will bring your board game Mahjong.

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